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This Sunday, as we observe Remembrance Day and think of all those who, in their various ways, labour tirelessly to bring about a peaceful world, we also give thanks for this country in which we live and for all that we have been blessed.

 This includes our religious freedom. Religious freedom allows people to live according to their beliefs peacefully and publicly.

That is why the Ministry of People Empowerment & Elder Affairs (MPEA) is inviting everyone to participate in the National Service of Thanksgiving (NST) 2021, to be held on Sunday, November 28, at 10:00 a.m. The service will also be accessed virtually, giving every single Barbadian, at home or abroad, the opportunity to attend.

This year, the National Service of Thanksgiving will carry the theme, “Fortifying foundation, Overcoming Adversity, Pursuing Destiny.”

Over the past year, Barbados faced some of the greatest challenges of our generation and Barbadians have shown themselves to be a people of resolve and resilience. They have also had to lean heavily on the God that has been their guide thus far.

Now, in this the fifty-fifth year of our Independence, as the country makes its first steps of transition from a Constitutional Monarchy to Parliamentary Republicanism, we as a people, continue to lean on our God, however we conceive Him to be.

For this reason, the service again embraces the religious groups which peacefully co-exist in Barbados, allowing each Barbadian to worship and give thanks according to his religion and according to his faith.

Officiant for this year’s service will be Dr. Nigel Taylor, SCM, President of Barbados Evangelical Association and the sermon will be delivered by Senator, The Rev. Dr. John Rogers, Rector, St. George Anglican Parish Church and Member of the Republican Status Transition Advisory Committee.

During the service, there will be readings from the Holy Quran by a member of the Muslim Community, Imam Aakil Bhula, from the Old Testament by a representative from the Jewish Community, Dr. Leroy McClean, and a presentation by the Spiritual Baptists.

Last year, the sermon was delivered by a member of the Muslim faith. Barbadians have always respected religious freedom. The ability of various faiths to worship alongside each other is certainly one of our blessings as a nation, and the envy of many other countries where they do not enjoy such freedom.

Joining this national act of worship celebrates religious freedom. All Barbadians are therefore invited to be a part of that celebration.

Ministry of People Empowerment & Elder Affairs

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