The application process for the National Small Business Awards 2006 has started and persons vying for nomination have until next Friday, February 9, to get their applications in to the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development.

Forms are available at the Ministry and must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date.

This, the second annual awards, has been designed to recognise businesses for excellence in export/foreign exchange, technology, marketing and promotion, corporate governance, customer service, and environmental stewardship.

Awards will also be given in the following categories: best approved small business; best micro business; small business journalist of the year; and small business researcher of the year.

The Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development will again be partnering with the Barbados National Bank, the Small Business Association and the Central Bank of Barbados to stage the awards ceremony.

Most recently, Business Development Minister, Senator Lynette Eastmond, emphasised the need to further incorporate technology into business. She said: “If we did not quite understand before now we must understand the stark reality of living in the information age, transactions occur with the click of a mouse… the truth is that we have more tools to compete than we have ever had before”.

The National Small Business Awards 2006 is open to all small businesses as defined by the Small Business Development Act CAP 318C. Additional information may be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer  Affairs and  Business Development, at telephone  number  427-5270.

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