A screen shot of the new National Sports Council’s website. (A. Miller/BGIS)

Sports enthusiasts now have another avenue where they can access information on this island’s sports icons. The National Sports Council yesterday launched its website – http://www.nscbarbados.com/ – at its Blenheim, My Lord’s Hill Headquarters.

In praising the initiative, Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley, said it afforded Barbadians at home and abroad, as well as visitors across the globe, an opportunity to find out what was happening here in the area of sports.

Mr. Lashley told the small gathering which included Chairman of the Council, Seibert Straughn, and staffers that an opportunity had been created to highlight the historical achievement of the sporting fraternity.

"It [the website] is important because if we are to encourage our young people to excel in sports, then they must have some understanding of the history of sports development in Barbados. They have to understand how our great [sportspersons] were able to excel, and they have to understand the background of those persons who adorned themselves in the national colours of Barbados and represent our country.

"Many of them did it without much finance. Of course, today, we now talk about financing and how much money we can put behind sports. We all know that as a small developing country there is always going to be a limitation as to the amount of hard cash we can put behind our athletes. But, the notion of national pride and self-development should encourage our athletes to excel. I believe that national pride and self-development, more than money, are the kind of things that we have to focus on in Barbados," he stated.

Mr. Lashley proffered the view that there were not enough "sources of authentic sports information" in Barbados where persons could go to determine the accuracy of accounts and he expressed the hope that the website would be seen in that light.

The website was developed by Advantage Systems and it will, among other things, highlight community activities and the achievements of the NSC staff and sports persons across the island. In addition, members of the public can now go online to book the Council’s facilities.


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