There are plans to establish a National Statistical System and equip it, along with the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS), with the necessary tools and capacity to become ???a world class player??? with regard to the dissemination of statistical data.

This disclosure came today from Acting Director of the BSS, Aubrey Browne, while addressing a two-day workshop at Hotel PomMarine on the findings and recommendations of the BSS??? Modernisation Project. The seminar is being hosted by the BSS, in collaboration with the consulting firm Oxford Policy Management Limited.

Mr. Browne said it was conceptualised that all national statistics would be stored and accessed from a central data warehouse, to be created under the Project and managed by the department.

???For this to materialise, it is important that all relevant entities be committed to sharing and disseminating their statistical data via the electronic network system to be established. Security of this network system will be of paramount concern, in order to maintain the confidence of all respondents. The legal framework to be established will, therefore, provide for the proper governance of this network system,??? he explained.

He stressed that strong support from Government and the people of Barbados would be required to propel the modernisation exercise forward to its successful implementation. ???This support would provide the stimulus for the establishment of a robust Statistical System for Barbados, to enable the development of our country,??? the Acting Director opined.

This Project was initiated on December 11, 2008, to strengthen the ability of the BSS to provide relevant, timely and quality economic and social statistics, as well as to establish its leadership in this area within the public sector.

It is partly funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Barbados. The project???s objectives include the examination of a strengthened legal framework to enable the BSS to perform its duties more effectively and the establishment of a statistics network, which includes governmental agencies, to produce relevant public data.

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