Director of Youth, Cleviston Hunte (left), and NCC General Manager, Keith Neblett (second from left) look on as Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley unveils the plague to officially open the play park under the watchful eye of NCC Chairman, Tyrone Lowe and two residents from the area. (A. Gaskin/BGIS)

Chairman of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Tyrone Lowe, has publicly thanked all those who have in some way assisted that organisation with maintaining beaches and parks across Barbados.

His comments came moments before the official opening of the Gall Hill Play Park in Christ Church on Saturday.

Mr. Lowe said there were those who came on board with the NCC’s Adopt-A-Beach programme to assist with the cleaning and maintenance of the beaches. "We want to thank all of those who assist us with our beach clean- ups. That is recognising the value that we place on the tourism product. It is an important product and if our beaches are not preserved and maintained we could lose tourists," he said.

The chairman commended all those who responded to the NCC’s efforts to remove the sargassum sea weed from affected beaches. "We have had many positive responses, and even now people are still calling to see where they can help and how they can help," he said.

Mr. Lowe added that there were those who removed garbage and practised good sanitation, thereby assisting the organisation with its conservation efforts. "Something as easy as a cup left on the sea shore can destroy marine life. If Barbadians persist in leaving styrofoam and other plastics all around, even in the river that finds its way to the sea, it can destroy marine life," he warned.

Noting that there were still persons who bathed at public beach facilities instead of at home, and washed their vehicles in parks, Mr. Lowe stressed that every time someone tried to assist the NCC that effort would help Government keep costs down.

He made an appeal of stewardship to the residents of Gall Hill, Christ Church. "I would want that this facility be treated with the utmost care. Do not tolerate any bad behaviour; do not encourage any illegal activity, and always deter any attempt of destruction of its contents.

"By such small involvement your contribution would help the staff of the NCC, the staff of the Youth Development programme, the Member of Parliament for the area, Mr. Stephen Lashley, and ultimately, the people of Barbados to preserve another open space for the enrichment of national life," the Chairman stated.


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