The National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) plant nursery will soon be enhanced with the new skills and knowledge gained by its Technical Officer, Ryan Als.

Mr. Als will be attending a training course funded by the People’s Republic of China, on Flower Production Technology for Developing Countries, in China, from April 17 until May 28.

The course, organised by the Fujain TCDC Institute of Sub-tropical Flower in Fuzhou, Fujain Province, will expose participants to flower industry tendency; flower cultivation fundamentals; tissue culture; flower arrangements and their application; bonsai making; bamboo cultivation; and, greenhouse building.??

Training will take the form of lectures, discussions and field trips.

NCC Special Projects Officer, Ricardo Marshall, said that at the end of the training course, Mr. Als would also be qualified to train line staff in various techniques learnt, and will improve efficiency within the department and the Commission’s service to the public.

"The training is a good opportunity, and will enhance the overall plant nursery operation which is a major source of revenue for the Commission," he said.

Mr. Marshall added that the NCC had embraced the principle of investing in the education and training of its staff. "Employee productivity depends on the amount of time an individual is physically present at a job, and also the degree to which he or she is mentally present or efficiently functioning while present at a job," he stated.

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