Barbados could soon have its own honey bee industry!

This should come to fruition because the National Conservation Commission (NCC) is seeking to partner with the Ministry of Agriculture to become the focal point for the development of a honey bee industry in Barbados.

This was disclosed by acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Environment and Drainage, Edison Alleyne, as he mentioned a number of new projects being undertaken by the NCC.

Among those projects is an Apiary, launched today, and which would allow visitors to the NCC to observe bees at work, and also serve as an educational tool for those interested in tapping into that market.

???It must be noted that Barbados currently imports over $500, 000 in honey annually, which certainly can form the basis for a honey bee industry,??? he said.

Mr. Alleyne noted that bees were extremely vital to the human existence and well-being, and also for the pollination of plants and supplying beeswax. ???One mouthful in three of the foods we eat directly or indirectly depends on pollination by honey bees,??? he added.

He explained that an observation hive was developed at the NCC to serve as an educational tool for students and adults. ???Visitors will have a first-hand look at the way bees behave, and would allow persons to appreciate the work being done by the bees, and by extension remove any phobias regarding bees,??? the Permanent Secretary said.

Mr. Alleyne also pointed out that the newly created fish pond with waterfall, and a new composting area would also serve as new attractions for the NCC going forward.

General Manager of the NCC, Keith Neblett, explained that the waterfall and pond complemented the apiary as bees did not like to fly far for their water.

He explained the new attractions formed part of the NCC???s objectives to be used as an events venue. ???We have enough space here where that can be done. The events will not bother the bees once people keep outside the buffer zone,??? he said.

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