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The National Conservation Commission (NCC) has launched its Tree Donation Programme with an ambitious goal of planting 20,000 trees by Arbor Day 2020.

To this end, the Commission is inviting individuals, plant nurseries, schools, service clubs, and corporate entities to participate in the programme.  Arbor Day is celebrated on September 22, annually, but donations can commence during this month, and will be accepted until September 2020.

Persons may consider donating and planting a tree for many reasons, whether it is in honour of a family member; to celebrate the birth of a new child, or for a graduating class or an anniversary.  Service clubs or businesses may also donate or plant trees to acknowledge service club members, or recognize the outstanding contribution of staff to the organization.

Corporate entities or service clubs may have their own sections in the National Botanical Gardens at Waterford, St. Michael, by donating at least 50 trees.  This will automatically make them a Corporate Forest Partner.

Those who donate will receive certificates of tree planting, which will be inscribed with the individual, service club or businesses’ customized and personalized dedication, or the name of the service club or organization. 

Donations are not limited to planting in the National Botanical Gardens.  All parks and green spaces falling under the aegis of the NCC are included in the Tree Donation Programme.

Interested persons may contact Senior Technical Officer at the National Botanical Gardens, Nigel Jones, at telephone number 425-1111, to confirm their participation.


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