L – R:?? John A. Connell, Gilbert Burnett, Heather Snagg, Ron Armstrong, Eleanor Straughn, Elizabeth Greaves. ??Missing from photograph are : Orietta Greaves, Frederick Allen and?? Vernon Jones.??

The suggestion goes that behind every successful man is a good, supportive woman, and the National Conservation Commission (NCC) recently demonstrated that the same goes for organisations, backed by supportive volunteers.

In this regard, management of the Codrington, St. Michael institution, used the occasion of the 4th annual Arbor Expo held on Saturday, October 2, to salute and award???? nine "unsung heroes", for their tireless work and commitment.

"These fine examples of good citizenry were recognised for gratuitously giving of their time and sometimes resources in a sustained effort to assist the Commission in executing??its diverse??mandate," explained Special Projects Officer with the NCC, Ricardo Marshall.

The awardees were: The Friends of Hastings Rocks Committee, Michael Thorpe?? of?? Midas Magic, Heather Snagg, Eleanor Straughn, Orietta Greaves, Gilbert Burnett and Elizabeth Greaves?? and Mr. Justice John A. Connell.

Noting that the awardees had assisted the Commission for periods exceeding 10 years, Mr. Marshall said they exemplified the spirit of volunteerism and love for their community.

?????????????????? The Friends of Hastings Rocks Committee was honoured for its fundraising efforts, which included the refurbishment of the Esplanade, and more specifically, the installation of rails and the electrical upgrade of the gazebo.

Mr. Michael Thorpe, owner of Black Rock-based Midas Magic, was awarded for facilitating NCC staff working on the Spring Garden Highway in the late 1990s and early 2000s, to secure lawn mowers and other tools at his place of business. Staff was also permitted to shelter from the elements, while working. The NCC indicated that without the assistance rendered, time and, by extension, productivity would have been lost.

Ms. Heather Snagg, who resides adjacent to the Play Park at Husbands, St. James, has been caretaker since its installation 13 years ago. She was recognised for acting as a Security Officer in the absence of a full-time Ranger/Warden. Ms. Snagg has also taken on the responsibility of reporting any damage to equipment or negative activity taking place there.

?????????????????? Eleanor Straughan, who has also assumed the responsibility of caretaker since the opening of the Gall Hill Play Park, one year ago, was among those honoured. This resident cleans the facility during the week, leaving the NCC staff to cut the grass only when necessary.

?????????????????? Three individuals – Orietta Greaves, Gilbert Burnett and Elizabeth Greaves, were recognised for keeping keys for the NCC’s beach facilities for over 20 years in each instance.

Ms. Greaves has been responsible for the keys to the Silver Sands facility for approximately 25 years; Mr. Burnett, the Brandons Facility for close to 40 years, and Elizabeth Greaves, for those at the Bathsheba Beach Facility for approximately 20 years.

?????????????????? Frederick Allen, has been acknowledged for electing to clean up after events held at?? Worthing, and helping to maintain the beach?? facility there, while Vernon Jones was credited for allowing NCC staff to use water and bathroom facilities during the construction of the Bellfield Park.

Justice John Connell, the last surviving member of the first board of the Parks & Beaches Commission, predecessor to the NCC, was saluted for spearheading a number of projects during his tenure. cgaskin@barbados.gov.bb

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