Staff at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) received a boost last week after undergoing training in horticulture and landscaping.

Approximately 20 members of staff underwent a one-week programme which ran from Monday, August 12 to Friday, August 16, at the Iris Bannochie Training Centre at Codrington, St. Michael. The course was part of an effort to build capacity within the Plant Nursery, Commercial Division and the Field Services Department of the NCC.

According to an official from the NCC, participants were exposed to a number of areas through class lectures, discussions, demonstrations and field visits. Topics addressed during the training exercise included plant growth requirements; propagation techniques; care and maintenance of plants; gardening and pruning techniques; composting; landscape design and installation; identification and control of plant pests and diseases and effective utilisation of alternative energy.

Part of the training included visits to the Apes Hill Nursery at Bright Hill, St. Lucy, to observe nursery operations and landscaping techniques and the Commission???s Plant Nursery and Alternative Energy project site at Codrington.

The course was conducted by the NCC???s Technical Officer, Ryan Als and Senior Field Superintendents, Tearson Hunte and James Sealy.

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