By next year, sports enthusiasts across the island will be able to enjoy their??favourite sports in more picturesque and comfortable surroundings, as the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) ???Tree for Every Child’ Project continues in earnest.

According to NCC’s Technical Officer, Ryan Brathwaite, the Commission will, over the next few months, support the National Sports Council in its bid to improve sporting venues by erecting shade trees at its playing fields across the island and at the Barbados National Stadium.

The NCC official cited a variety of trees to be planted including Almond, Tri-colour and regular?? Mahaoe, Horse Radish, Immortal (coral tree), Mahogany, Cassias,?? Pride of Barbados, Flamboyant, Sea Grape, Silk Cotton, Frangipani, Jamaican Ackee, Rose of Sharon, Cordia, Black Pearl and Ficus.

"We expect, by next summer or so, depending on the weather, that these trees will be able to provide the requisite shade at these playing fields. We are happy to assist the Sports Council in this regard, especially since we have a common goal. As conservationists, we want to plant more trees around the island, and they want to utilise?? trees to enhance what they do?? which is?? provide recreational areas," he explained.

Mr. Brathwaite stressed that if primary schools were in need of having shade trees planted they would also be facilitated.

On Tuesday, June 2, trees were planted at the Black Bess and Indian Ground playing fields in St. Peter; and this Friday, June 5, in observance of World Environment Day, the NCC will be doing the same at the playing field at Farmers, St. Thomas, located in the area adjacent to the Turner’s Hall Hillaby Primary School.

The schedule for the rest of the month is as follows: Tuesday, June 9 – Boscobelle Playing Field, St. Peter; Thursday, June 11 – Sion Hill Playing Field, St. James; Tuesday, June 16 – Orange Hill Playing Field, St. James; Thursday, June 18 – Hoyte’s Village Playing Field, St. James; Tuesday, June 23, Shorey Village Playing Field, St. Andrew; Thursday, June 25, Gall Hill Playing Field, St. John; and Tuesday, June 30, Checker Hall Playing Field, St. Lucy.

For the month of July, the schedule?? will be as follows: Tuesday, July 2, Spring Garden Playing Field, St. Michael; Thursday, July 7, Content Playing Field, St. Thomas; Thursday, July 9, Parish Land, St. George; Tuesday, July 14, Greens, St. George; Thursday, July 16, James Bryan Playing Field, St. George; Tuesday, July 21, Drax Hall Playing Field, St. George; Thursday, July 23, Dash Valley, Playing Field, St. George; Tuesday, July 28, St. Martin’s Playing Field, St. Philip; and Thursday July 30, Rices Playing Field, St. Philip.

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