The retrenchment of any workers at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) should be handled with sensitivity and care, and their representative bodies fully informed before any final decisions are taken.

This is according to Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, who has also indicated that he intended to ensure that an effective approach that involved consultations among the board, the management, the unions and the workers affected was undertaken.??His comments came during a recent interview with the Barbados Government Information Service.

???I have every confidence that this matter will be handled in a sensitive, respectful and reassuring way; and that the officers, the board, management and staff of the NCC will do their part in ensuring that the dignity of persons are maintained at all levels,??? Dr. Lowe stated.

The Minister said he advised the NCC???s board and management that considerations in the selection of persons to be retrenched must take into account a person???s physical capacity to carry out the work assigned, workers??? records of attendance, productivity and demonstrated consistency and commitment to the mandates of the NCC.

In addition, they have also been asked to take into account workers who may have ???eclipsed??? age 65 and would willingly consent to early retirement. ???It was also noted that the ???last in first out principle??? should be adopted only as a last resort measure,??? he stressed.

Dr. Lowe noted that while the existing circumstances presented painful experiences for many, they highlighted some opportunities for the Commission to closely examine issues of productivity, effective supervision of workers and the importance of performance management.

???The NCC has a critical role to play in the management and maintenance of Barbados through the maintenance of open spaces, its work with the world heritage historic spaces and its overall contribution to the enhancement of the tourism product.

???It has been noted through a comprehensive assessment of the work programme of the NCC that it will require a rededication on the part of all members of staff to ensure that the mandate of the NCC under the law is carried out,??? he said.

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