Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, plants a tree in Queen’s Park to mark Arbor Day, with a little help from a pupil of the Hindsbury School.

Persons utilising the popular Rockley Beach in Christ Church will soon be able to swim in safer conditions.

Word of this has come from Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, who revealed that the National Conservation Commission (NCC) would be embarking on a pilot project to install solar systems at the beach’s lifeguard tower. These would allow the lifeguards to alert beach users of unsuitable beach conditions via a public address system.

Minister Lowe, who was addressing Tuesday’s Arbor Day celebrations, said the systems would also be further enhanced through the use of a siren and lighting mechanism system, with plans to replicate it across all towers at the more popular beaches.

He added that the Commission would also be providing water-saving fixtures at the recently-opened facility at Bath Beach in St. John, which would form the standard for all new structures being built by the NCC. The new restaurant at Barclays Park in St. Andrew will also eventually be partially powered by solar.

"These projects are being undertaken in an effort to showcase Government’s commitment to the utilisation of alternative energy sources…the Commission will also focus on a general policy of conservation to reinforce its commitment to the greening concept," Minister Lowe underlined.

"Going green is a lifestyle choice, which encompasses many factors including recycling?? to reduce the waste going to landfills, purchasing and using organic product to save our precious resources, and of special importance, saving our energy resources.

"Therefore, I wish to implore that we continue to plant more trees, whether it be at our homes, within our communities or at our places our work …By taking such an initiative, we can play a significant role in ensuring that Barbados joins the worldwide fight in protecting our environment and saving this planet on which we live," the Minister urged.

Reiterating the importance of trees to the island’s social and economic development, Dr. Lowe revealed that, to date, some 16,000 trees had been planted and donated for planting?? by the NCC to schools, youth groups and 4H clubs.??He promised that more trees would be planted at all the island’s primary and secondary schools, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.

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