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Four teams received their prizes today, when the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) awarded the winners of its inaugural 7-Day Film Challenge.

The challenge, which took place in November, and centered around the broad theme COVID-19, saw 32 teams registering to participate.

Eighteen of those completed the films, which had very specific requirements.  They were to be between five and 10 minute’s duration, and had to include a chattel house, a mask and a chicken.

The four finalists, who received $5,000 each, were Boardhouse Productions led by Stockton Miller; Dreaming Cloud Films led by Jomario Goddard; Out of City led by Denyce Blackman; and Outliers led by Barnaby Ward.

In commending the finalists for the high quality of their work, NCF’s Chief Executive Officer, Carol Roberts-Reifer, stated: “We have stories to tell.  We have our stories; we have our view of other people’s stories and we have different twists of traditional classic stories.

“I am here to tell you that the National Cultural Foundation is committed like never before to supporting not just the development of film…but the exploration and re-imagination of our stories on to film.”

She further encouraged the film makers in attendance to never stop dreaming or believing that the ‘little idea in their head’ could be transformed into the digital expression of film.  


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