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The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) will host an African-based spiritual gathering under the theme ‘Fire, Freedom & Fellowship’: Celebrating Spiritual Emancipation at Brandon’s Beach off the Mighty Grynner Highway, on Thursday, August 1. 

The free event will feature a short drum-led procession, which will commence in Brandon’s car park at 4:30 p.m., and proceed up the beach to a bonfire and drum circle.

The day’s activities will also include tributes from Spiritual Baptists, the Nation of Islam, the Rastafarian community, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Zion House of Israel Temple, PACO and others. 

There will also be performances by Pinelands Creative Workshop, Dancing Africa, Of Another Nature, Adrian Green, and Margaret Gill.  This will be followed by a drum circle dedicated to healing, peace, tolerance and fellowship, where persons will have the opportunity to join in the celebrations.

Persons attending the event are asked to wear white and walk with umbrellas, blankets, chairs and instruments and join the gathering on Brandons Beach. 

Parking is available on Deacon’s pasture. For more information, persons should contact the NCF at 417-6628, or email michelle-springer@ncf.bb.


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