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The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) is inviting interested persons to register for its ongoing Writers’ Clinic.

The workshops, which focus on writing techniques and include feedback on participants’ work through ‘critique circles’, will take place on the third Saturday of each month at The St. Michael School.

The next clinic is scheduled to take place this Saturday, May 20, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. under the theme: Refining Your Poetry.

On Saturday, June 17, the topic to be covered is Effective Editing & Competition Etiquette. Modules will be facilitated by experienced writers and coordinated by author Nailah Imoja.

To register, persons should email their name and contact information to literaryartbarbados@gmail.com and imojanailah@gmail.com. They may also call Literary Arts Officer at the NCF, Ayesha Gibson-Gill at 417-6625 or email ayesha-gibson-gill@ncf.bb.


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