by Kathyann Husbands


(Stock Photo)

(Stock Photo)

The National Committee on Ageing (NCOA) has joined the Ministries of Health and Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development in condemning elder abuse on the island.

In a statement, Chairman of the NCOA, Sylvester Niles, said that his organisation would also work with the ministries in “taking the necessary steps to eradicate this inhumane, undesirable and undeserving practice”.

Mr. Niles commended the vast majority of Barbadians whose love for the elderly was evident in their daily care of and interaction with them.

However, he urged the management and staff in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as caregivers in private homes, “to exercise patience, tolerance, vigilance and understanding”.

“They must demonstrate love and care for those who have contributed to the development of Barbados. The elderly, now in their declining health and years, need the help of all of us,” the Chairman asserted.

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