Director of the Projects Department at the CDB, Daniel Best (second from left); NCSA Manager, Betty Hunte (third from right); Deputy Manager, Troy Wickham (second from right), and NCSA staff pose with the poster following the presentation. (NCSA)

The National Council on Substance Abuse’s (NCSA) efforts to deliver drug education to the youth across the nation has been recognised by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

During a presentation of a Bee Drug Free poster, which was part of an art and poetry competition hosted by the NCSA, CDB officials also signalled the bank’s commitment to continue working with the agency.

Speaking during the presentation, NCSA Manager, Betty Hunte, lauded the CDB for remaining true to its corporate responsibility, but stated that the NCSA remained concerned with the activities of the youth, some of whom were left unsupervised.       

However, she commended the bank for putting measures in place to facilitate employees with young children by affording them the opportunity to remain at home and supervise their charges.

Noting that the CDB has worked with the NCSA since 2013, the Manager noted that the agency recently completed a 12-week online course, which comprised nightly sessions for parents, who were at times joined by teachers and participants from the region.

Meanwhile, Director of the Projects Department at the CDB, Daniel Best, noted that the bank first started working with the NCSA in 2013, when it sponsored NCSA’s Project S.O.F.T. (Safeguarding Our Future Today).

“We are happy to continue the association with this recent initiative of the Art and Poetry competition Bee Drug Free.  We appreciate the gesture of sharing one of the posters with us and we will position it in our aftercare facility as a reinforcement to the children of CDB staff of our expectations of them.

“CDB is a child-friendly institution and we welcome the opportunity to extend our corporate responsibility to child-friendly activities,” he said.

Mr. Best pointed out that the youth were the people of tomorrow, and it was in everyone’s interest to nurture them in the best ways possible to secure their future.

“We are, therefore, indebted to institutions, such as the National Council on Substance Abuse, that have committed their energies towards nurturing positive behaviours in our youth,” he said. Mr. Best also applauded the NCSA’s mission of “promoting sustained action for positive change in the fight against substance abuse and in the facilitation of drug education, prevention and drug-free lifestyles”.

National Council on Substance Abuse

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