The group therapy programme covers topics including drug refusal skills, enhancing the social support network, problem solving and anger awareness. (Stock photo)

Marijuana use continues to be the main presenting problem for male adolescent clients, who utilise the treatment services at the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA).

Against this backdrop, the NCSA is hosting the Succeeding Through Rehabilitative OpportuNities Group (STRONG) Programme. The initiative which began on August 10, at the NCSA’s Belleville, St. Michael headquarters, aims to help adolescents with problems related to marijuana use.

The group therapy programme offers 10 sessions that cover topics including drug refusal skills, enhancing the social support network, problem solving, anger awareness and management and coping with cravings and urges.

STRONG uses a holistic approach since substance use and abuse is not an individual disease but affects families and communities.

Consequently, the STRONG programme also offers a parent/family support component. The hope is that the sessions will help parents understand drug use among their children, improve parenting skills and equip them with skills to support their children in overcoming drug use.

“As we continue to implement this programme, additional components will be added based on the feedback from participants. Support for adolescents continues to be of paramount importance since they will be future leaders, decision-makers and contributing citizens.  We believe that having positive, healthy alternatives for engagement is necessary within communities,” said a representative of the NCSA. 

The programme culminates on Wednesday, September 14. 


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