Debates on some of Barbados’ major environmental issues continue in February, as the National Council on Science and Technology continues its Schools’ Science Lecture Series and Debating Competition at the Grand Salle of the Central Bank.

Preliminary rounds, which were held in mid-January, saw eight secondary and tertiary school teams deliberate on various issues, including the viability of water conservation and aquaculture for the island.?? Four of those teams will head to the semifinals on Tuesday, February 15 and Wednesday, February 16.

Combermere School and Ellerslie Secondary School teams will analyse possible energy solutions, when they debate the moot ???Neither Wind Energy nor Solar Energy Can Solve the Pressing Energy Problems Being Faced by Barbados and the Rest of the Region’. Foundation School and Harrison College will discuss the pros and cons of garbage management, with the moot ???In View of the Staggering Amount of Garbage Being Generated by Barbadians Annually, Incineration is the Answer to the Solid Waste Disposal Problems We Face’.

The debating series ends in March.

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