The National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) now has another tool to assist them in empowering Barbadians to make more informed choices about science and technology.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the United States Embassy, Dr. Joseph Schaller, handed-over the Science Screen DVDs series to the Director of the NCST, Lennox Chandler, today during an official ceremony in the Conference Room at the Division of Trade, Industry and Commerce.

Underscoring the importance of science and technology to national development, the NCST’s Senior Technical Officer, Arlene Weekes, said the DVDs would not only be used during the department’s upcoming summer camp, slated to commence from Monday, July 5, but in future educational outreach programmes.

She further stated that while science and technology was placed on the "front burner" in the developed world, the time had come for Barbados to give science and technology similar prominence.

Ms. Weekes declared: "The United States has recognised the importance of empowering its people and if we are to achieve a developed society status, we must follow suit by empowering our people.?? This can be achieved by providing the necessary tools for them to make better informed decisions."

She pointed out that the NCST was not seeking to create "rocket scientists" but to assist Barbadians in making better choices based on the application of science and technology.

In response, Dr. Schaller said the US Embassy had been a strong supporter of education at all levels and pledged to forge greater ties with the stakeholders in this regard.

"The US Embassy is always willing to work with local partners such as the NCST in this educational effort.?? It is a pleasure to work with you on the science camp through the donation of the DVDs to facilitate the students’ learning. The emphasis on science and technology is something that helps every country to develop," he added.

The Science Screen Report DVDs cover a range of scientific subjects such as: Medicine in the 21st Century; Conservation; Mission Manatee; Geology: Scientists Probe Earthquakes and the Spine.

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