The Neal and Massy Group of Companies has been lauded for its continued commitment to the Barbadian economy and its people.

This came today as Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, addressed the official opening of the integrated Super Centre Ltd. and DaCosta Mannings Retail Store at its Warrens Headquarters.

???You have stuck with us through good times and through challenging times and I am satisfied that the landscape that will emerge at the end of this tunnel is one that will reflect the value of your commitment to Barbados as an economy and society,??? he stated.

Acknowledging that he would like to see ???a vibrant, well diverse and successful private sector leading the way in the island???, Mr. Inniss said his Government, through various incentives and programmes especially targeted to the tourism, agriculture and general business sectors, was leading the process for change towards a more dynamic private sector and economy.

However, he said there were specific areas to be confronted and urged a national conversation on the society and economy that would consider the following questions: ???Do we feel a sense of national pride????; ???Does each one of us give of our very best each and every day???? and ???How can we become more creative as a nation????

???I am satisfied that we must continue to re-organise our institutions and systems, that they become far more nimble, more proactive, customer-focused and cost-centred,??? he said.

He also pointed out that his Ministry was undertaking a more rigorous review of cost centres with a view to eliminating barriers to entry, reducing the cost of doing business in Barbados and ensuring customers achieved not only wide options but better prices as well.

Noting that he could only urge stakeholders to work with his Ministry on such, he revealed that officers in his Ministry had been mandated ???to facilitate and not frustrate legitimate businesses???.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Neal & Massy Group, Gervase Warner, said the Super Combo store at Warrens was the first of many that would not only be rolled out in Barbados but across the Caribbean, where the group operates. Noting that he remained optimistic about this island???s economy, he added: ???I am happy to say that Neal and Massy is a believer in Barbados??? We are investing in Barbados. This combination of what you are seeing here and the construction behind you [by Galaxy Motors] is part of what we are doing.

???We are putting new capital to work in Barbados because we believe in the future of Barbados and that all of us as corporations in Barbados have a moral obligation and responsibility to do our part in creating growth in this economy and that comes through investments???I want to assure you that Neal and Massy is here to do its part in the economic growth, the development of people and the future of this economy.???

Mr. Warner further pointed out that investments such as the Super Combo created jobs during its construction phase; efficiencies in business models; a better shopping environment; more convenience for customers and enhanced what Barbados offered to locals and visitors.

Emphasising that the new store was of huge significance, the CEO said: ???It is the launch of a new business model and it is part of what we think is important in playing our role in the economic development of Barbados.???

It was also disclosed that in addition to the work at Warrens, there would be upgrades to Super Centre, Sunset Crest; a spanking new Super Centre at Kendal Hill and other extensions around the Warrens store – a total of BDS $17 million of new investment in facilities and business in Barbados.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Super Centre Ltd., Neville Brewster, stated that Super Centre had been at the forefront of food retailing in Barbados for many years and Dacosta Mannings Retail Ltd. in furniture and appliance business. He stressed that the coming together of these two entities in one location offered something special.

???The complementary strengths in products that the stores offer have blended to create a better retail experience for our valued customers??? The introduction of this concept also leverages the strengths of both companies and increases the value proposition being offered??? and raises the level of service by once again demonstrating our continued commitment to innovate to meet the changing needs of our customers,??? he added.

With its innovative format, the Super Combo store also provides customers with ???tremendous value-added on merchandise assortment that includes everything from electronics, to furniture, to fresh food in one space???.

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