Minister of Housing, Michael Lashley, addressing the launch of??South View housing development at Kent. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

The Ministry of Housing and Lands is committed to creating affordable housing solutions for all Barbadians.

Housing Minister, Michael Lashley, reiterated this pledge while launching a private housing development at Kent, Christ Church, last Friday.??

While noting that though Government recognised that high land prices and construction costs have placed decent housing solutions out of the reach of many persons with moderate incomes, he maintained that there needed to be equal access to affordable housing, for all classes of Barbadians.

To this end, Mr. Lashley pointed to new housing policies and programmes such as the 500 lots project, geared specifically towards individuals who could not purchase land on the private market. This project, he stated, would be launched soon.??

"We have a vigorous programme to provide 500 lots of land in five months at $5 per square foot for first time homeowners. We have also provided a greater number of housing solutions in the $130,000 to $175,000 price range, including land and house.?? At the lower end of the housing market, we have introduced the Rent-to-Own programme for persons who we recognise will not be able to go to a bank and get a mortgage and purchase the most basic houses being built in Barbados," the Housing Minister said.

Not only are single units being built to meet a growing demand for dwellings, but two, six-storey high rises will be constructed at Valerie in Brittons Hill and on Crown Land near Country Park Towers, for persons who cannot afford to buy a house.??

"We are trying by our policy to encompass every Barbadian that journeys to the National Housing Corporation or to private sector companies to buy a house.?? Those who cannot own a house may have to settle for a rental unit … [but] persons who can afford to, can come to the NHC and buy a piece of land for $17,000, in today’s market.?? If you can purchase a piece of land for $17,000, then you can go to any financial institution and get your financing to construct your house or you can come to the NHC where we have a list of qualified and competent small contractors who would assist you in building your house," Minister Lashley outlined.

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