In order to emerge from this current economic situation, we have to look for the creative souls among us, so that we can encourage and foster them in creating new industries, and building existing ones in Barbados.

This was the message from Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, as he delivered the feature address at the opening of the store Barbadiana Discovery Treasures, at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, today.

The Minister pointed out that the opening of a store which caters to locals and stocks only locally-made products is exactly what Barbados needs at this time.

???We have to realise that activities such as these go on to create jobs and it???s not just the ladies who design. It???s also the persons who create the raw materials that they use, the persons who do the marketing and administration, a whole set of job opportunities emerge,??? he stressed.??However, Mr. Inniss lamented that many Barbadians still seem to place greater value on foreign products.

???The founding fathers of our independent nation did not envision that 48 years onward we would have such a craving of foreign goods and foreign personnel as opposed to our own. I believe we have a long way to go in recognising what really resides within ourselves and make greater use of it, and that is when the independence really comes to the fore, in a sustainable manner,??? Mr. Inniss stated.

Barbadiana Discovery Treasures was started by five female entrepreneurs, who had a vision to show Barbadians that this country ???is more than just a flag???. One of the owners, Lynmarie Jack, said that some persons assume all internationally-made products are cheaper than the ones which are made in Barbados.

???There is something about people who understand the benefits of buying from their friends, their neighbours and their family. One woman told me that she supports the economy of her pockets and I understand that, but when you look closely, there are many locally manufactured goods which are priced very competitively when compared to others,??? she remarked.

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