Acting Deputy Director of the Department of Emergency Management, Captain Robert Harewood. (FP)

Barbadians are being encouraged to continue exercising the necessary caution with the passage of weather phenomena such as Hurricane Maria.

This advice comes as the Barbados Meteorological Services discontinues the Tropical Storm Watch for the Island and as the centre of Hurricane Maria continues to move north-northwest of the island.

Acting Deputy Director of the Department of Emergency Management, Captain Robert Harewood, reiterated that Barbados remained under a flood warning until 6.00 p.m., and a High Surf and Small Craft Warning until noon tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19.

With the discontinuation of the Tropical Storm Watch, he said that a team from the Department of Emergency Management would remain in place until the flood warning was discontinued. The Barbados Meteorological Services has also advised that windspeeds of 20 to 35 mph with higher gusts will persist into tonight.

Meanwhile, Captain Harewood has spoken out against those persons who are sending out erroneous information via social media and causing panic.  In this regard, he drew attention to a post in which voice notes were circulated alleging the shutdown of Barbados Water Authority’s Pumping Stations.  Such persons, he said, should be “more mindful of the consequences of these irresponsible actions”.

He also advised the public to check credible sources wherever possible, such as the social media sites of the respective agencies or that of the Barbados Government Information Service, especially during times of national emergencies, before sharing such information on social media.

Department of Emergency Management

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