One nursery school has illustrated that you are never too young to learn more about your country by launching a six-month educational programme which focuses on tourism.

The St. Giles’ Nursery School project, Tourism is Our Business – We are Playing Our Part, which began in January, was created to build awareness about the sector and the role it plays.

Tourism Development Officer, Marsha Armstrong, said that the Ministry of Tourism recognised the value of the project and believed the St. Giles’ model could be applied throughout the island.??

"[The Ministry] embraces this unique school project and commends the efforts of the teachers and parents who are involved in the visual displays which will complement the learning process at this young age.

The project truly fits in with the new vision for the tourism sector of Barbados. It can be used as an example for nurseries and primary schools to follow in the teaching of our young people about this sector and the importance to the economy now and well into the future," she said.

The school has found a playful way to introduce the tourism theme by assigning all its students to one of six unique groups that boast names which make reference to places of interest.

Throughout the programme, the school aims to teach their students about a range of related topics, including identifying why, when and how tourists make their way to Barbados, where they stay and who they interact with while on the island.

The children will also participate in educational tours and host visits from a range of tourism personnel who will go to the school throughout the programme.

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