If newly appointed Minister of Agriculture, Dr. David Estwick has his way, Barbadian hotels could soon be filled with more local produce.

Speaking during a tour of the Home Gardening Display for World Food Day 2010 at the Ministry’s headquarters, Graeme Hall, Christ Church today, he revealed that his Ministry would explore the possibility of having an amendment to the Tourism Development Act, where Barbadian hotels can have concessions based on the amount of local produce they buy.

"[In the same way] they are telling hoteliers that the more domestically manufactured products you purchase, the greater would be your concessions, I want the same thing for agriculture. I want the hoteliers to understand that when we establish the Tourism Development Act, that their concessions should be tied directly to how much local agricultural products they use," he explained.

Dr. Estwick added that the Ministry was exploring ways of reducing the basic cost inputs for many of the locally produced agricultural goods.

He said that his Ministry would also work towards creating a secure market for farmers to sell their goods and services.

"A farmer is not going to produce X amount every single month if he is not too sure that it is going to be bought. Either it is going to be bought by the consumer individually, or there has to be a structure that will take it, that will then carry the risk when they are ups and downs within the purchasing structure of the economy, " the Agriculture Minister explained. askeete@barbados.gov.bb

Author: Andr?? Skeete

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