As Barbadians become more internet-savvy, and have greater access to modern communication channels, they are also becoming more demanding for up-to-date and relevant information. To meet this growing demand, the agency responsible for implementing Government’s public relations strategies, the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) is seeking to further fulfill this obligation with the launch of its redesigned website, BGIS Media.

Prime Minister David Thompson today delivered the feature address and officially launched the BGIS’ website in a ceremony at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

The BGIS’ first venture into web-based communication came in 1999, when the department teamed up with the Data Processing Department to provide its publics with an additional channel of communication beyond the traditional media of print, television and radio.

Located at, that early website offered visitors an insight into the structure and functions of the Government of Barbados, its history and culture. Additionally, persons were able to download daily press releases and important policy documents emanating from Government.

In 2005, the BGIS sought to improve the delivery of its online resources with the creation of a second website, BGIS Media. Powered by Acute Vision Inc., this new website permitted visitors to view daily press releases and articles with accompanying images and listen to audio clips of BGIS promotions and programmes.

With the creation of the post of Web Content Manager in March 2008, the BGIS was therefore able to maximise its online presence. One of the first tasks the department took on was the redevelopment of BGIS Media into a full multimedia website.

The revamped site, which can be accessed at , will feature the latest news releases, features, audio and video material emanating from the Government’s Ministries.

End users will be able to, among other things, read daily news releases and features; download Ministerial speeches; view the BGIS’ television programmes; and browse photo galleries of the Cabinet Ministers and other public officials at various speaking engagements. It is also hoped that in the near future persons would be able to purchase the BGIS’ publications and other audiovisual material online.

As it marks its 51st year as the communications arm of Government, the BGIS continues to be tireless in its efforts to fulfill its mission of driving national development in ways that make the business of Government meaningful to its citizens.

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