There is a new experience in the heart of Bridgetown by the name of Burger King, and it promises to be a world class operation.

In his address at the official opening ceremony this morning of the second North-American franchise at its new home in the Bridge Street Mall, The City, Chairman of Williams Industries, Ralph ???Bizzy??? Williams, disclosed that so far over $4 million has been pumped into bringing the franchise to Barbados. He added that half of this sum represented foreign exchange that came from their Jamaican partners.

He disclosed that the investors intended to expand the range of restaurants, and ???so far, they have permission for four but hope permission for eight would be granted??????

The businessman pointed out that during the construction period they employed approximately 40 construction workers for six months and hired 83 vendors from small and large Barbadian companies to assist in the supply of goods and services for the build-out process and to the restaurants.

Mr. Williams also noted that when it came to service there would be no compromise as the Directors would be hiring international trainers to train staff, and to ensure that service was of a world-class standard.

Meanwhile, Industry Minister, Donville Inniss, who welcomed the new franchise firmly stated that Barbadians must be allowed to have choices.

He said: ??????There should be no shady or underhanded or open-handed deals to frustrate legitimate entrepreneurs from fulfilling their dreams, nor from allowing Barbadians to have choices in anything in life.???

Mr. Inniss underscored that as a Government, their role was to seek to provide the best possible environment for businesses to start and to succeed while stressing that it was his fervent view ???that the role of Government is to regulate and to facilitate, not to frustrate nor humiliate.???

Before an audience that included Jamaican business partners, officials from the Urban Development Commission and other relevant stakeholders, the Minister said he was pleased that the presence of Burger King in Barbados had led to the creation of additional jobs.
However, he made it clear that he was not supporting any efforts on the part of any established operation in this country in seeking to block others from coming into Barbados??? space to engage in legitimate enterprises.

He continued that in turn, he would not expect his Caribbean neighbours to frustrate the efforts of any Barbadian enterprise from coming into their jurisdiction.

The proposed sites for the two other Burger King restaurants are Lower Broad Street and Warrens, St. Michael.

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