When the final match of the David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic concludes this Sunday, December 15, a new champion will be named, breaking the City of Bridgetown???s two-year run.

Following a grueling 74 matches, the teams from St. Michael South East and Christ Church East Central have emerged as the finalists in this year???s tournament, and will go toe to toe at Kensington Oval beginning at 7:00 p.m.

This match will be preceded by the third place game between St. George South and former champs form The City, at 5:00 p.m.

During a site visit of Kensington Oval yesterday, Director of Constituency Empowerment, Kirk Humphrey, stated that Sunday???s event should be very ???exciting???, and commended the effort shown by all the teams.

???Arguably, these two teams have played the most entertaining football this year and are deserving finalists. They both know how to score goals. The third place game will also be exciting as both The City and St. George South have played great football,??? the Director boasted.

Mr. Humphrey noted that the response to the tournament had been excellent so far, and the behaviour displayed by players and supporters alike was outstanding. ???To date, we have not had a single incidence of violence at any of our games and we believe this is because of the fact that the communities actually own the tournament and have an interest in their success.

???We have seen communities that were reported to be experiencing unrest play perfect host to visiting teams from other communities with which they were supposed to have the unrest with. On a community to community level it is undeniable that there has been a deepening of community spirit,??? he affirmed, pointing out that the support shown throughout the tournament came from all generations.

The Constituency Empowerment Director also noted that in addition to the featured games, patrons would be treated to live entertainment and much more, and therefore, invited all members of the public to attend.

Admission to the finals of the Football Classic is free of charge, and may be obtained from the Constituency Council offices; The Department of Constituency Empowerment, Fourth Floor, Warrens Office Complex, St. Michael; Ticket Centre, Warrens; Jeans Inc., Sheraton Centre, Christ Church; Sol Service Station, Speightstown; and CS Pharmacy, Bridgetown. There will also be limited tickets at the door.

Gates open at 3:00 p.m.


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