Some of the 120 new citizens inducted during the ceremony. (A. Miller/BGIS)??

One hundred and twenty new citizens, who were inducted at the island’s first citizenship ceremony since Independence, were reminded of their rights, responsibilities and the importance of maintaining law and order.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, speaking during the event at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last Wednesday, told the inductees that the grant of citizenship bestowed on them?? privileges and protection under the law that are not afforded to those who held other forms of status.

"You must be aware, therefore, of both those responsibilities and privileges.?? Your responsibilities require you [citizens] to obey the laws of Barbados, whether they relate to the maintenance of law and order, the promotion of good neighbourliness, or the fulfillment of your tax obligations.?? Put differently, you should not act in a way that prejudices the safety and interests of the state," he emphasised.

Mr. Stuart told the new citizens that they now had the right to enter and remain in Barbados at any time without a residence permit; had the right to hold a Barbados passport; to seek assistance from Barbadian diplomatic missions when travelling abroad; enjoy full economic rights with unimpeded access to the labour market; could seek full access to free education whether primary, secondary or tertiary; and had the right to represent Barbados in any international sport.

"I am satisfied that you have an enriching role to play in this society upon conferral of this status of citizenship.?? I am satisfied further that, like other citizens, you will be resourceful, resilient and productive," he surmised.


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