A new innovative online educational software aimed at improving the literacy of this nation’s children is now on the market.

Known as the ezLearner, this software application was designed as a means of boosting national literacy scores and fostering a love of writing and reading among young people.

It was launched this morning at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development by Founder & Managing Director of ezLearner Inc, Troy Weekes and Education Minister, Ronald Jones.?? The budding entrepreneur said he was passionate about building computer applications that satisfied the need of 21st Century learners.

"Young people tend to think in terms of images rather than words and this is what makes ezLearner so appealing… In essence, the Composer facilitates the composition of stories based on a series of pictures."

Mr. Weekes explained that in a recent pilot study conducted in Barbadian and Trinidadian Primary schools, the tool was described as being user friendly and having unique features that created an engaging learning environment.

"Composer exploits automation, the worldwide web, as well as modern e-business strategies.

"I believe that visual learning paradigms, constructive approaches and reliable learning assessment strategies are key to anyone’s development… We must remember that children have their own learning spells, their own learning pace and their own interests and Composer facilitates that freedom of choice," he stressed.

In addition to praising the initiative, Education Minister, Ronald Jones said he was particularly pleased that someone had taken the time to develop a tool that would help a child expand and hone his or her creative skills.

Mr. Jones noted that more persons could have the opportunity to utilise technology in the acquisition of knowledge, but first, in order to work with educational based software, they should first have an understanding of the basics of education.

"We have a problem in Barbados with creativity, we have a problem with writing, and we seem to be disconnected where learning is concerned," the Minister lamented.????????

The Education Minister further added that our indigenous culture had collided with global cultural imperatives and children no longer pitched marbles and jumped rope.

"Today’s children have a lot more to deal with than when I was a child.?? We are living in a technologically dominated era, and we have to utilise that to our advantage and we need persons to think outside the box with regards to technology development," he maintained.

Ezlearner will become available online from tomorrow, Wednesday, December 15.??tblackman@barbados.gov.bb

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