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The Ministry of Energy and Business Development (MEBD) has advised that the new Electric Light and Power Act (ELPA) online system is now accepting applications. To submit a renewable energy application, persons should visit apps.energy.gov.bb

The previous system of applying via email has been discontinued and this new online system is the only method to apply for an ELPA licence. However, all applications submitted via the old method prior to February 1, 2022, will be addressed by the MEBD, and those applicants do not need to apply to the new system.

This online system is a single entry window for all documents related to the ELPA licensing regime. Applicants must complete the ELPA application on the system and submit all requisite documents related to the project, which are in the appendix of attachments section. All payments related to the ELPA licensing regime will be facilitated on the system through the EZPay+ portal.

Those requirements for the Ministry, as indicated on the attachments, such as analyses, regulatory certificates, correspondences from financial institutes and other related documents, should be uploaded in the system.  

Additionally, the MEBD has further advised that the single line diagram showing cable sizes and protection device ratings, as well as the number of inverters and panels and the equipment technical specifications, should be submitted for approval from the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED) through this system.  

“Through this system, the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited would evaluate the GEED approval and determine the availability of grid capacity for the system, and prepare the connection impact assessment report for uploading to the system, if necessary.      

“If the system is ground-mounted that should be indicated on the ELPA application form.  Applicants should submit the requisite documents, such as the site, location and elevation plans, as well as any reports and assessments depending on the size of the system, as indicated in the appendix of attachments section under the Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO) submissions,” an official from the Ministry explained.

In the case of an ELPA application requiring planning approval, if the ELPA application is approved, this means the applicant would be granted “conditional approval” and would be asked to submit the planning application directly to the TCDPO, separate from this online system.   

Alternately, the MEBD will submit comments directly to the TCDPO through the system, to assist in the reduction of the processing time for planning applications.

Ministry of Energy and Business Development

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