More stringent laws and penalties are on the cards for persons who litter and dump illegally in Barbados.

Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe said the offences will be addressed by the new Waste Management Act, which is now in its first draft and awaiting review by Ministry officials.

He added that the Chief Parliamentary Counsel was also working on getting the Environmental Management Act ready for submission to Cabinet and then on to Parliament.

Dr. Lowe made these disclosures during a cocktail reception to host the Eighth meeting of the Board of the Green Climate Fund 2014 at the Charles Fort, Hilton Barbados, earlier this week.??However, he pointed out that the issue of enforcement presented a challenge in the past, but was critical to the success of any legislation which was enacted.

???You can???t fine someone illegally dumping and just tell them to pick it up and take it back where they got it from. They should be charged for illegally dumping and whatever penalties obtain they should be made to pay,??? the Minister stated.

Such penalties, he said, should extend to persons who dump in gullies. ???I think that we have to get serious about the environment and ensure that ???. the enforcement end is covered, the introduction of new laws is in place, and that we do what needs to be done to make sure that Barbados remains a beautiful place to be,??? Dr. Lowe indicated.

He noted that while a lot of work was being done, a relationship between law enforcement officials and health officers was necessary to ensure that those who continued the harmful practice of dumping could feel the full weight of the law.

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