One thousand, eight hundred and sixty persons have already been trained under the Getting Everyone to Understand Productivity (GET UP) Programme, and that number should rise by the end of the year.

This disclosure has come from Head of Training and Development at The Productivity Council, Shawn Callender, who said 180 persons would be trained during the next GET UP Programme, which will begin on October 7 and run every Tuesday until November 11.

Pointing out that this is the third programme being offered for the year, Mr. Callender continued: ???There is so much work to be done to bring productivity to a level where I believe that everybody would find it acceptable. I would say we have made a dent [by means of our training] but more work needs to be done.???

Emphasising the importance of the one-year GET UP initiative, he said: ???Productivity has been identified as one of the pillars of development, and therefore we felt it necessary to help persons understand what productivity is really about and to make it simple??? We want productivity to be on the lips of everyone, every day, so we are trying to bring it home to every single individual in the nation ??? so persons would know what it is and how they can improve.???

Mr. Callender pointed out that from the sessions the Council conducted, it was clear that persons were interested in improving their productivity. However, he noted that there were some factors out of their control, and he identified improvements in the workplace to bring the best out of employees, as one such area.

However, he stressed that the productivity best practices in the GET UP Programme were initial steps to sensitise workers and management about what was required. ???Then it will be necessary to look at the procedures you have in your organisation and see how best you can tailor them to make yourself more effective and efficient,??? he explained.

He said that frontline, supervisory and management staff had participated in the training session and The Council had received positive feedback from them. ???Employers said they have seen some improvement in the performance of their employees since they have attended the sessions,??? he declared.

Persons interested in attending the GET UP Programme should call 626-9416 immediately to register.

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