Close to 2,500 persons have already been trained under the Getting Everyone to Understand Productivity (GET UP) Programme.

This disclosure has come from Head of Training and Development at The Productivity Council, Shawn Callender, who said another group would be trained during that productivity best practices programme, which will begin on October 13 and run every Tuesday until November 3.

Those persons interested in registering should call the Council at 626-9416. The areas to be examined during the training will include: What is Productivity; The Impact of Presenteeism and Absenteeism on Productivity; Providing Quality Service; Teamwork and Its Impact on Productivity; and Personal Productivity Tips.

Pointing out that this is the third programme to be offered this year, Mr. Callender continued: ???Productivity has been identified as one of the pillars of development. This training is extremely critical and we have started to make inroads into sensitising Barbadians about why they always need to be productive.

???There is still a lot of work to be done to bring productivity to a level where I believe that everybody would find it acceptable, and that is why we are continuing to offer this programme to public and private sector employees.???

Mr. Callender acknowledged that Barbadians were interested in improving their personal and professional productivity, but noted that there were some factors out of their control. He identified improvements in the workplace to bring the best out of employees as one such area.

He insisted, however, that the half-day training was an initial step to sensitise workers and management about what was required. ???Then it will be necessary to look at the procedures in the organisation to see how best they can be tailored to make the employee more effective and efficient,??? he stated.

The GET UP Programme was launched in September 2013 and The Council has received positive feedback from those who participated, as well as their managers.

???Several managers and business owners from participating organisations have contacted the Council to report that they are seeing a marked improvement in many of their employees who attended the training. The employees too have said that they received a boost from the sessions, which introduced them to new concepts and perspectives, even as they served to reiterate and reinforce important principles, of which they were already aware,??? Mr. Callender said.

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