An alphabetical system will be in use when the Registration Department reopens to the public from Tuesday, May 5.

Registrar of the Department, Barbara Cooke-Alleyne, has advised that the schedule will vary according to sections of the department, and persons are asked to carefully note the days on which the services they want to access are being offered for the period May 5 to 15.

She added that the department will try its best to minimize the wait, but noted that members of the public should expect some delays. The schedule is as follows:


Registration of Birth

Classification of the alphabetical system will be done according to mother’s surname only. Registration of births will continue to be done under Vital Statistics Act (married and single persons).

Therefore, unmarried couples are required to come together on the date that has been selected for the mother’s surname.  The law requires husbands to register the baby, but wives are encouraged to come as well.

Parents are encouraged not to bring babies unless this cannot be avoided. The schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 5 & Wednesday, May 6 – A to B, U, V,  Y, Z   
  • Thursday, May 7 & Friday, May 8 – C to G
  • Monday, May 11 & Tuesday, May 12 – H to L
  • Wednesday, May 13 & Thursday, May 14 – M to Q
  • Friday, May 15 – R, S, T, W, X

Collection of Certificates

Certificates which were to be collected prior to the curfew may be collected on the following days, based on surname:

  • Tuesday, May 5 & Wednesday, May 6 – A to J
  • Thursday, May 7 & Friday, May 8 – K to Z           

Application of Certificates

Persons may also apply for certificates based on the following alphabet system according to surname and category.                   

  • Monday, May 11 – A to H               
  • Tuesday, May 12 – A – H for Seniors (70 and older), disabled persons and pregnant women
  • Wednesday, May 13 – I to N
  • Thursday, May 14 – I to N for essential workers
  • Friday, May 15 – O – Z                     

Supreme Court

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