Medical Practitioner, HIV Educator and Counsellor, Dr. Henrick Ellis has been appointed to serve as the new Chairman of the National HIV/AIDS Commission. He succeeds Dr. Carol Jacobs, who retired from that position last November.

His appointment became effective today, Monday, February 1, and will last until March 31, 2011.

Dr. Ellis has been intimately involved with HIV here in Barbados for over two decades and is a founding member of the National Advisory Committee on AIDS, the entity that preceded the establishment of the HIV Commission. He is credited with forming the National AIDS Hotline and the AIDS Society of Barbados, a non-governmental organisation, in 1990.

The New HIV Chairman has represented Barbados at several International HIV Conferences in Sweden, Canada, Italy and Germany, among others. He has avidly contributed to research in HIV and continues to be an advocate for HIV awareness, especially in the faith-based population, with the formation of the Christian response to HIV/AIDS for Caribbean Conference of Churches and Barbados Christian Council.

Dr. Ellis coordinates the HIV programme for the Anglican Diocese of Barbados, and has since 2003, trained numerous groups comprising clergy of all denominations, as well as laypersons about HIV. He also lectures on HIV Education and Counseling at Codrington College.

The new Chairman significantly contributed to HIV awareness, research, treatment and care and in 2004, was recognised for his contribution to the medical field, and was awarded the Silver Crown of Merit in the National Independence Honours.

Dr. Ellis holds an M.B.B.S and M.A. Theology from the University of the West Indies, a B.S. Chemistry from Howard University, and a certificate in Radiologic Technology from the University of Wisconsin.??

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