Prime Minister David Thompson??

Barbados is now home to one of the major international players in the precious metals market.

It joins the ranks of those countries that meet the needs of industrial consumers of precious metals.??????

Prime Minister, David Thompson, who lauded the endeavour yesterday at the official opening of the Canadian-based company, Kitco International Ltd., at Sefton Lodge, Brittons Cross Road, St. Michael, told the gathering that Kitco’s coming to Barbados would result in the creation of five jobs immediately; which should rise to 20 in three years.

The Prime Minister pointed out that, in addition to the new job opportunities, other jobs would be created indirectly.

"Kitco’s operations in Barbados would undoubtedly help our labour-intensive tourism industry by attracting many visitors for corporate meetings, seminars and conferences.

"You would recall that during the first decade of Independence, Canada was one of our most dependable Commonwealth partners in development… increasing numbers of Canadian tourists regularly visited Barbados, until the mid-90’s.?? I am, therefore, delighted to announce that the Canadians are coming back.?? Thanks to West Jet and Air Canada, we now have flights from Canada almost on a daily basis."

He added that Kitco’s presence in Barbados would also strengthen the financial services sector, which government had been developing as one of the pillars of the local economy.

However, while praising Kitco and the established financial institutions here for creating jobs, which were commensurate with the higher education young people were receiving, Mr. Thompson stressed that the country could not continue "to produce better educated workers without providing suitable employment opportunities for them."


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