Minister of Education and Human Resource Development. (FP)

Industrial Arts students at the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School will have access to a new ultra-modern complex by the start of the January school term.

A team from the Ministry of Education, led by Minister Ronald Jones, toured the facility on Friday and inspected work currently being carried out on the ground floor.

"This is a joint project between the Ministry of Education and the Maria Holder Trust.?? A facility nearby is being utilised by the Maria Holder Trust and we gave up part of the property of the Parkinson School, a very old woodwork room, to [the] Community Development [Department]. So, the Maria Holder Trust partnered with us on this project which cost $2.9 million, being split 50/50," Mr. Jones revealed.

The block will include classrooms dedicated to metal work, woodwork, technical drawing and electrical installation.??

Minister Jones thanked the management of nearby schools who allowed students from Parkinson to utilise their facilities over time, including the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic and Harrison College.??

Construction is being carried out by Moorjani Caribbean??Limited, and the lead consultant and architect is Harold Morrison+Robert Woodstock Limited.??


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