Member of the Hilltop Community Association, Tanifsher Smith, presenting an award to Jules Inniss of the St. Paul’s Primary School.
(G. Brewster/BGIS)??

The Planning Division of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is putting measures in place to track the progress of each student who wrote this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE).

These plans were disclosed today by Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, while speaking at an awards ceremony for students who performed well in this year’s BSSEE. It was hosted by the New York-based Hilltops Community Association, at the Ministry’s Constitution Road Headquarters.

He added that this new initiative was an elongated study designed to track some 3,760 students over the next five to seven years.?? It will use the necessary technology which will be set up at every secondary school on the island, as well as at the Ministry.

"We are going to set that system up so that we know exactly how each and every child is doing in their work, in their exams and assessments and also in their behaviour….Once a child is registered in a secondary school we will be tracking each child term by term, year by year.

"That is going to tell us how students perform based on their entry score into their secondary schools.?? It will tell us if they have remained committed to work., We will try to find if they are keeping the standards up or if they have slipped and if they have slipped, why," Mr. Jones said.

The Minister also revealed that students will no longer be allowed to ???joyride’ on the state-owned Transport Board buses. "We are working on some technology which would ensure that every child taking the bus would only be able to use it for one journey [each way]," he explained, adding that parents would be expected to pay for any additional trips.

Hilltop Community Association comprises Barbadians living in New York.?? It has been rewarding Barbadian students for excellent work in school for over 20 years.


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