Prime Minister Freundel Stuart listens attentively to Chief Executive Officer of UK & European Investments, Barnaby Kelham during their recent meeting. (A. Miller/BGIS)??

The promised Beachlands Development investment project on this island’s West Coast will be implemented.
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart received this assurance from representatives of the company undertaking the investment, and he expressed his pleasure that the projected works will be started before year-end.

Mr. Stuart held talks recently with the Chief Executive Officer of UK & European Investments, Barnaby Kelham, at Government Headquarters, where he was updated about the Beachlands project.

The Prime Minister said he was "following very closely what was happening at Beachlands Development" at Sunset Crest, Holetown. "We are pleased that you are going ahead with the project and we stand ready to facilitate in any way possible," he assured the group.

Describing the plot as "probably the best piece of developable land left on the West Coast of Barbados", Mr. Kelham stressed the keenness of the company to work actively on the further development and finalisation of the project.

Both sides agreed to actively cooperate in bringing the project to its full fruition.


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