Minister of Health Donville Inniss as he turns the sod to officially signal the start of construction of the new kitchen facilities at the Geriatric Hospital on Beckles Road, St. Michael. Looking on and instructing the Minister is Achal Moorjani, Managing Director of Moorjani Caribbean Ltd,?? contractors for the project.

Government will begin construction of new kitchen facilities at the Geriatric Hospital in Beckles Road, early next month.

This was disclosed today by Health Minister, Donville Inniss, at a groundbreaking ceremony, at that institution, where he turned the sod on the southwestern side, to signal construction of a kitchen on some 6,000 sq. ft of land at a cost of $3.9 million.

It will replace the existing one that has been described by Minister Inniss as "rather aged and certainly not up to the standard that we want for a kitchen at a premier elderly care facility".

Stressed that the new kitchen represented "a continuation of Government’s commitment to upgrade institutions that care for the elderly population". ??He pointed out that two wards at the Geriatric Hospital had already been renovated and work on two more would commence soon.

Contractor Achal Moorjani of Moorjani Company promised that the project, given a timeline of just over a year, would be delivered to Government, in half the time and, within budget.

However, Minister Inniss urged ??the contractor and his subcontractors to employ Barbadians first and foremost. He said: "There are enough Barbadians in this society who are capable and competent to work in the construction industry and where possible all opportunities must be provided for them, first and foremost.

"We cannot continue in these challenging circumstances to be the provider of jobs for those who come from other territories, ahead of Barbadians. I certainly hope that starting with this government project, that is the way in which we will operate."

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