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Members of the public are advised that three remote sites and the main office of the School Meals Department (SMD) have thus far completed the process of integration into Government’s Wan Project through Digicel (Barbados) Limited.

The numbers at the main office at Suite 13, Coles Building, Bay Street, St. Michael are 535-6801, 535-6802 and 535-6803.

The numbers for the centres are as follows: St. Christopher Centre – 535-6824 and 535-6890, the Harbour Centre – 535-6822 and 535-6829, and the Country Road Centre – 535-6823 and 535-6828.

The public is further advised that the telephone number at the Lancaster School Meals Centre remains 432-0449, at present and the fax number 228-5221 may still be used to reach the School Meals Department.


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