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Students applying to sixth form schools from this year will have to do so online.

The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training (METVT) has a new digital  registration form which students and their parents may access through the ministry’s website www.mes.gov.bb.

The form will be accessible as soon as the Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) results for this year have been released.  The decision to go digital was made to make the registration process more seamless and green.

Head of Examinations at the METVT, Glyne Price, said that in previous years, approximately 2,500 copies of the six-page application form had to be printed for distribution.

Additionally, he explained that the process would be a lot more convenient than what transpired before where students flocked to the ministry in their numbers to complete the form.

“With the introduction of the on-line registration, there will be no need to print the six-page application form.  Students and parents can remain in the comfort of their home and complete the application at their convenience.

“After submission of the application, an electronic database is compiled of first choice applicants for each sixthform institution. This database will be made accessible to the school where the school will indicate the successful applicants for acceptance.  Those students will immediately receive an email notification.  The database of unsuccessful applicants will be returned to METVT,” Mr. Price disclosed.

Applicants who are unsuccessful in gaining acceptance into their first choice school will be added to a new database for distribution by METVT to their second choice school. Students and parents are reminded that the online form may only be accessed after the CXC results are released.


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