Denis Lowe, Minister of the Environment and Drainage. (FP)

The newest recreational park to be opened by the National Conservation Commission (NCC) has been dedicated to the memory of the late Frederick Niles, "a man who represented all the virtues one would wish to be found in a resident of one’s community".

This description was given by Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, at the official opening of the Frederick A. Niles Recreational Park in Ealing Park, Christ Church over the weekend.

Reminiscing about Mr. Niles, Dr. Lowe told those gathered: "I well remember how he kept his own community directory of all the names and addresses of every resident in his community. And whenever the occasion presented itself, he would try to bring the people together." The Minister also said that Mr. Niles was a man who "lived for the protection and promotion of his neighbourhood and those around him".

Dr. Lowe encouraged the residents of Ealing Park to look after the space and ensure its preservation "for generations to come".

Also echoing this sentiment was Chairman of the Board of the NCC, Tyrone Lowe. He said: "As we open this park to you, we want to call on you to exercise stewarship." He shared that the NCC had been trying to help communities build parks, but faced difficulties when people stole the equiment and flowers, wasted water and damaged the properties.

"I am encouraging the people around the community to see this facility as yours. And, just as you would want to care for your home, as you would want to see your community thrive in good values, I am asking you to have an eye out…for those children who are playing… for those people who would come and want to destroy this place because it belongs to you the residents of this community," he urged.


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