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Effective midnight, Sunday, October 1, the retail prices of gasoline and kerosene will rise, while the prices of diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will fall.

The new retail price of gasoline will be Bds$3.38 per litre, up from $3.25. The price of kerosene will be $1.41 per litre, up from $1.19, and the price of diesel will move from $2.46 per litre to $2.37. These represent increases of 13 cents per litre for gasoline and 22 cents per litre for kerosene, while the price of diesel has decreased by nine cents per litre.

Meanwhile, the retail prices of LPG will fall from Bds$155.31 to $154.52 per 100 lb cylinder, a decrease of 79 cents; from $43.93 to $43.73 per 25 lb cylinder, a decrease of 20 cents; from $38.82 to $38.65 per 22 lb cylinder, a decrease of 17 cents; and from $35.29  to $35.13 per 20 lb cylinder, a decrease of 16 cents.

These changes are in keeping with Government’s policy of allowing retail prices to be reflective of those on the international market.


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