Newly appointed Deputy Principal, June Browne (left) discusses strategy with new principal, Orson??Alleyne??after the introduction assembly today at the Alexandra School. (A.Miller/BGIS)??

New Principal of the Alexandra School, Orson Alleyne, is committed to working closely with all staff members and students to maintain the high standards that have already been established at the Queens Street institution.

He stressed this today as he met with the student body and staff of the Queen’s Street, St. Peter school at the official start of the new school term.??

Mr. Alleyne said he had done some research and found that the school had an excellent record in many spheres and students were "very passionate" about Alexandra. "I also found out that as a result of that passion that you are very respectful and show high regard to those persons [with whom you associate]," he remarked.

The new Head told students he was committed to working with everyone to ensure that the school continued to reach its goals. "I know it will take some time to build relationships with you, but I like to build relationships," he stressed, adding that he would be meeting with various groups of children, beginning today with fifth formers and student leaders.

While stating that he would like to see Alexandra continue as "the great school of the north", the Principal said: "I hope I can continue to raise and maintain the good standard you have and I Iook forward to a good working relationship with all at the school…I don’t settle for anything but the best… Let us work together to achieve this [goal]."

New Deputy Principal, June Browne noted that on her arrival at the school she was warmly greeted by students. She said: "I was so overwhelmed and I thought that was wonderful."

Mrs. Browne, who was formerly deputy principal at Combermere, said she was looking forward to meeting all students and wished them the very best in their endeavours.?? Echoing sentiments similar to those expressed by Mr. Alleyne, she said: "I hope that I can help to continue the good standards that you have and I am looking forward to a lovely relationship here with you at the school."??

Meanwhile, President of the Parent Teachers Association, Carl Benskin urged the children to give the system a chance to work and "to stay focused".

"This is about moving forward and not backwards and I want at the end of the term to hear how well the Alexandra School did," he said.


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