As a result of the outbreak of the influenza A (H1N1), the Ministry of Health has advised that persons displaying flu symptoms will now be asked to sit in specially designated areas at the polyclinics across the island and to wear masks.

This is necessary in order to reduce transmission of the virus to other patients.

These individuals will be required to place used tissues first in plastic bags and then in the bins provided. Discarded tissues are not to be left on the floor.

In light of this situation, some health education sessions and other outreach activities will either be cancelled or postponed.

The Ministry of Health has also indicated that persons with chronic illnesses who are stable, may be given longer than usual appointments, along with prescriptions for repeat medication. However, antenatal clinics and routine child health immunisations will continue, but child health visits at nine months and any other visits, where immunisations, are not due, may be suspended.

Individuals requiring health care at the polyclinics are reminded that they must conduct themselves in an orderly manner and obey the instructions from the polyclinics’ personnel.

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