Members of the public are advised that the Post Master General has issued a number of changes for the sending of important documents or valuable items in the mail.

In sending registered or important mail, persons should purchase registered mail envelopes which carry a special security feature. They are available at all post offices in two sizes, at a cost of 75 cents for the small envelope, and $1 for a large one. There is

provision on each envelope for the barcode label which enables it to be tracked or raced.

In addition, customers are also advised to place the return address in the top left hand corner on the front of the envelope and the recipient’s address slightly to the right of the centre. This is in an effort to minimise processing delays at international destinations due to incorrectly positioned addresses.

Persons sending letters through the international registered service shall leave sufficient room beneath the sender’s address so that the registered barcoded label can be affixed without affecting the legibility of the address. "Under no circumstances should the barcode be placed at the back of the envelope," the postal official said.

Letters mailed in small envelopes (5?? x 3?? inches) will not be accepted for the international registered service as they cannot accommodate the registered barcoded label at the front.


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